Logistic Srvices

We provide third-party logistics services in Asia and anywhere in the world. GCL secures the shipping process by providing the best offers from the shipping companies, taking the following actions:

  • Studying the best routes for the importer to ensure the best receipt and delivery.
  • Communicating with the best shipping companies to get the most suitable prices and offers.
  • Following up on the shipment through the company’s tracking app to ensure safe access to the importer.


Our Road Freight Products offer high quality road transportation, from standard services


Our experienced and skilled experts in airfreight ensure fast and reliable solutions


We can offer a flexible range of global and local See cargo services


Discover the cost-efficient transportation options of rail freight delivery

Custom Clearance

Specialization in work is one of the most important advantages of success. For this reason, GCL has been keen to provide specialists in customs clearance, which is one of the most important stages of export to ensure the proper functioning of the working mechanism without errors, performing the following actions:

  • Preparing all the required papers for the customs clearance process.
  • Following up on the required certificates to ensure that errors do not occur.
  • Continuous coordination with the importer to complete the necessary papers for the customs clearance process in the importing country.

Product Stewardship

Tap into our dedicated expertise to support your safety, compliance, and certification documentation requirements. Beside of using national standards we are cooperating with international companies such as SGS in testing, inspection and certification of our products to assure our customers about the quality and quantity of our products.

Delivery to Storage‘s the problem?

Get the best performance from your products with these tips for optimal shipping, handling, and storage. BTA refinement processes help improve your shipping, handling, and storage experience by reducing the potential for dust and caking.


Convenient sizes for manual handling 


Optimal quantities for large-scale industrial applications